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project kit to make your own friendly elephant. Turn paper cups, plastic bottles, lids and other household packaging into your own character-full elephant.

The Makedo Find & Make Elephant kit gives you all the tools, reusable connectors and stickers you need to create and decorate a boxy little pachyderm, full of personality and charm. A great way to learn about recycling, this simple kit enables any cardboard boxes, paper tubes, cups and plates to become a happy looking elephant friend. The kit includes a plasticsafe-sawfor punching holes in thick cardboard or plastic and cutting it down to size; and the clever re-clips and lock-hinges let you connect materials together quickly and easily. Now you can head out on safari with your trusty reclaimed material companion.

Makedo parts are reusable so next time create a different elephant for hours and hours of fun.

What is Included:
33 reusable parts
15 re-clips (15 pins + 15 clips),
2 lock-hinges,
1 safe-saw,
elephant and jungle safari.

What else is needed:
1 cardboard box,
4 coffee cups and 2 lids,
1 plastic tray,
1 paper plate,
1 cardboard tube,
thin cardboard,
1 hour building time, hours for playing.
Playful creativity and imagination.
Help from an adult if you’re under 7.

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