Bath Sprinkles


Product Information: The plastic bottle has a flip top lid to allow customers to generously sprinkle powder into the bath or to enjoy it sparingly. The contents in the bottle will allow for 4 to 8 baths depending on how it is used. The contents are non-toxic and will not stain the bath or child

Product Description: A reusable transparent plastic bottle containing colourful Bath Sprinkle powder. The Bath Sprinkles have 3 colours in a variety of patterns. The powder is layered within the bottle to provide a stunning appearance when on display. The combinations of the colours will vary. The lid of the product carries a coloured sticker which indicates the colour the bath water will become when the bottle is opened and sprinkled into the bath and the different colours mix together. It also allows children to become aware of how different colours are composed of the mixture of primary colours. Bath Sprinkles will add excitement to the bathing experience when children can watch as the bath water changes colour and the 3 colours mix!

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