Pom Pom Bugs (pack of 4)


How awesome is the craft activity? Designed by Jumboo, it is based on the age-old woolly pom-pom we all made as kids!
Everything you need is inside the box to make 4 different pom-pom bugs in different shapes and colours. Ideal for kids aged 3+, this makes for a great weekend activity with your kids. Some adult supervision may be required for cutting of the pom-pom shape.
Learning can be fun!
This craft activity offers loads of developmental benefits in making these toys:
– Fine motor development
– Hand/Eye coordination
– Conceptualization – layering and positioning of 2D shapes into a 3D object
– Improves patience (delayed gratification) – as children wait for one stage to dry/set before completing the next stage
– Systematic reasoning and logical ordering of tasks
– Reinforces mathematical concepts: shape, numbers, angles, measurements, etc
– 3D Spacial awareness
– Imaginative role-playing fun
– Offers a sense of accomplishment on completion of the task!

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