Path Finder

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Measure, compare and complete the path. Learning goals
– Measuring
– Comparing lengths and areas
– Logic and reasoning

– Game board
– 30 sticks (Orange:2pcs, Red:4pcs, Blue:6pcs, Green:8pcs, Yellow:10pcs)
– 1 colored die

How to play
Level 1
Place all the sticks on the table and agree on a starting point. Taking turns, the children roll the color die for stick choice. For example, if the red color rolls up on top, everyone with a red stick may place one on the board. If a color runs out, roll again. When the die shows the Hape logo, the players can choose any piece.┬áCompletely fill the path. There is no way to “win” in this game since the goal is simply to fill the path.

Level 2
The sticks are distributed so that each child has an equal number of sticks and colors. There may be extra sticks that are not used. Agree on a starting line and a finish line. Take turns rolling the colored die for stick color choices. As players run out of the colored sticks, when they roll that color on the die, they skip a turn. When playing on corners multiple shorter sticks can replace the longer colored sticks. The first child to use up all of their sticks is the winner.

By Age: 4+ Years

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