Merry Go Round


Make your very own Carnival Merry-Go-Round that SPINS AT HIGH SPEED!!

This Merry Go Round is awesome to make and fun to play with afterwards and, in making it from scratch, it offers loads of learning skills for kids!!

Everything you need to make this toy is provided in the box. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to make this toy that MOVES and SPINS AT HIGH SPEED! Made mostly of bits of card and paper; all the parts are pre-cut and scored along fold-lines, so the prep-work is already done for you! Plus, making this Merry-Go-Round from scratch offers loads of key developmental skills to kids (without them even realising it!!):

– Hand-eye coordination

– Fine-motor skills

– Conceptualization – layering and positioning of 2D shapes into a 3D object

– Improves patience (delayed gratification) – as children wait for one stage to dry/set before completing the next stage

– Systematic reasoning and logical ordering of tasks

– Reinforces mathematical concepts: shape, numbers, angles, measurements, etc

– 3D Spacial awareness

– Imaginative role-playing fun

– Offers a sense of accomplishment on completion of the task!

Once complete, the Merry-Go-Round spins at super-high speed! Awesome to play with afterwards to encourage imaginative play!

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