9704 Funny Bunny Game


Off we go!  A crazy bunny race up the hill.  Can you be the first to get to the juicy carrot at the top?  Your adventure will be full of surprises as suddenly a bunny or two may disappear into a rabbit hole.  Every step you take gets you closer to the carrot, but if you pull a carrot card you can be flipped, knocked or dropped out of the game.   Funny Bunny – its a ‘hole’ lot of fun.

Includes the following  :

  • 1 green hill with rotating carrot
  • 16 bunnies in 4 colours
  • 24 cards

This game is suitable for 2 – 4 players with each game taking approximately 20 minutes to play. Whoever gets their bunny to the top of the hill first is the winner.  A fun product that is action packed and helps with counting skills and colour recognition.   Recommended for children aged 4+.

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