Ferris Wheel


Who doesn’t love a carnival? Now you can have one right in your home!

This Ferris Wheel is awesome to make and fun to play with afterwards. Plus- in making it from scratch, kids are offered loads of learning skills!!

Everything you need to make this Ferris Wheel is provided the box. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to make this toy that MOVES and SPINS AT HIGH SPEED! Made mostly of bits of card and paper; all the parts are pre-cut and scored along fold-lines, so the prep-work is already done for you! Plus, making this Ferris Wheel from scratch offers loads of key developmental skills to kids (without them even realising it!!):

– Hand-eye coordination

– Fine-motor skills

– Conceptualization – layering and positioning of 2D shapes into a 3D object

– Improves patience (delayed gratification) – as children wait for one stage to dry/set before completing the next stage

– Systematic reasoning and logical ordering of tasks

– Reinforces mathematical concepts: shape, numbers, angles, measurements, etc

– 3D Spacial awareness

– Imaginative role-playing fun

– Offers a sense of accomplishment on completion of the task!

Once complete, the Ferris Wheel stands at around 12inch in width and 8 inch in length and almost 12inch high. It spins round and round on both sides.

To add to your Carnival Collection, also see the Merry-Go-Round toy.

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