Creepy Crawlers (pack of 5)


Do your kids love all things crawley and creepy? Then this is the craft activity for them!!

This craft box contains all the bits you will need to make all 5 different insects. Everything is pre-cut into the right shapes and sizes, pre-scored along any necessary fold-lines and it comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for children to follow!

Make your own insects to decorate your room with or to take to “Show-and-Tell” at school during the appropriate theme each week: Ladybug | Grasshopper | Cockroach | Butterfly | Bee.

Once completed, these bugs even have a 3D shape, complete with the correct major body parts (head, thorax, abdomen, etc) and kids can learn about each insect to elaborate at school. Kids have loads of fun making their insects and they’re learning through play too! Not only can you encourage them to research 3 interesting facts about each of the insects, but the developmentalĀ  benefits are plentiful too! (fine motor, delayed gratifications, systematic reasoning, layering of stages, etc – to name a few)

Excellent teaching-aid for school craft activities when learning about nature themes. Great for play-dates. Awesome party activity for kids.

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