Butterfly Stand (pack of 3)


Create 3 cute little Butterfly Stands that can be used as a stationery holder, a container for brushes or for all those endless clips and hairbands!

By following the step-by-step guide, this craft activity is easy to do, mess free and loads of fun. Plus, you end up with 3 useful little storage containers for your room! Each of them comes with a different color combination with bright and bold designs. Once complete, those who are more artistic can even add to them with glitter glue pens, stickers, patterns or doodles. Lets get creative and have fun while learning through play!

Jumboo makes crafting fun and easy for parents too… as all the bits-‘n’bobs are provided, pre-cut and pre-scored so all the prep work is done for you!

Awesome for school activities, kids parties, play date ideas and more!

Learn through play … The Jumboo range offers loads of learning skills to kids:

– Improves hand-eye coordination

– Develops fine-motor skills

– Conceptualization – layering and positioning of 2D shapes into a 3D object

– Improves patience (delayed gratification) – as children wait for one stage to dry/set before completing the next stage

– Systematic reasoning and logical ordering of tasks

– Reinforces mathematical concepts: shape, numbers, angles, measurements, etc

– 3D Spacial awareness

– Imaginative role-playing fun

– Offers a sense of accomplishment on completion of the task!

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