8267 Food fun Combine & Dine Dinners – Red NOH – Play Food


Satisfy hungry imaginations with this 17-piece set of durable realistic play food!

Kids three and older will make memorable make-believe meals with the solid, dishwasher-safe and realistically detailed food pieces, while also learning about nutrition and the importance of making and eating balanced meals.

Combine & Dine includes proteins (BBQ ribs, a chicken drumstick, lamb chop, salmon filet), grains and starches (mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, rice pilaf), vegetables and beans (cauliflower, green beans, baked beans, and sliced carrots), and desserts (cupcake, orange segment, brownie, apple pie), as well as a four-sided menu and information card.

This playful food set lets young foodies create countless combinations to serve well-balanced fun!

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