8-01047 Lets Be Green


“Let’s Be Green” is an exciting board game designed to make children environmentally aware and socially responsible.

The game includes, a colourful ‘Game Board’, four ‘Recycling Bin-boards’ and 52 Play Cards.

By playing this educative and entertaining board game the child will be able to:

a. Sort ‘Recyclable waste materials Cards’ into their respective ‘Recycling Bin-Boards’ (paper, plastic, tin & glass)
b. Understand and distinguish between ‘Biodegradable’ and ‘Toxic Wastes’.
c. Learn various green-tips that how can we Reduce the use and consumption of energy, oil and other essential raw materials with the help of “Green Tips Cards”.
d. Learn ways to reuse things till the product life lasts.
e. Understand the importance of buying and using recyclable products, for environmental protection.

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